New Lyric Video - Currents Collide

Hello friends... hope you're all staying safe and healthy, and enjoying this quiet time of self-isolation.  I'm back on the Southern Ontario farm for the time being, where things are usually isolated on a regular day... working on some home projects and making plans for the summer so stay tuned for updates. 

All the cool kids are putting out 'Lyric' videos, so I thought I'd create one for "Currents Collide" using my extensive footage of Southwestern Ontario bean fields and wind turbines, along with some photos and videos from my many adventures on Pelee Island.  Big thanks to Michelle Harrison Stevenson who contributed some winter scenes of turbines.  The song was inspired by watching the final Tragically Hip concert on TV while on Pelee Island at the Westview Tavern, and a drowning death at Fish Point that happened on the same day... a song about fragility and legacy, with a call for reconciliation.  Half of the proceeds of downloads of the song will be donated to the Downie Wenjack Fund, you can download it here on my music page , or on Bandcamp at

Really feeling for many of my musical pals who had to cancel full tours and big concerts.  Please ramp up your support for our independent musicians by purchasing music, donating to them individually and tuning into the many live streaming shows happening online. Enjoy your quiet time, stay in and stay healthy!