Online Hoot, Farewell to John Prine, and Diving Into "The Vault"

April is fading away and our quiet times in isolation are taking us into another month of reflection as we stay home and stay safe. I'm still at the farm taking some time to work on a few projects, chill out, watch springtime come to Southern Ontario and think about what adventures to go on once the coast is clear!

I had a chance to join in on Carolyn Mark's (virtual) Hootenanny a few weeks back, alongside a stellar lineup of musicians from across North America! I played a few songs live from the trailer in the backyard! You can watch the whole show at 

Sadly, we marked the passing of one of the greatest songwriters of all time, John Prine, whose music I've covered throughout my life in singing... I added my 2005 cover of "Angel From Montgomery" to my Bandcamp page, and it was listed as one of the top 8 Canadian John Prine covers by Roots Music Canada.  You can have a listen here:

and you can read the Roots Music Canada feature including more great Prine covers here:  "Angel From Montgomery" was also featured on a Prine tribute set by Mike Regenstreif on CKCU's "Saturday Morning", you can listen to the full show here: 

Also took a deep dig into the "Vault" as I've been using this time to look through some old files and recordings and added a few "Lost Tapes From The Vault" to my Bandcamp page as well, might add some more vintage tracks later on...

Stay home and stay safe - and stay tuned!