Allison Brown All Originals Live From The Trailer On Facebook - RESCHEDULED

Live from the trailer, Tumbleweed Lane, The Sticks

ALLISON BROWN ALL ORIGINALS LIVE FROM THE TRAILER On Facebook! On My Regular Profile Page! SUNDAY JUNE 7th at 3:00pm Ontario Time rescheduled due to extreme heat Part of the "Drinking Alone" Trailer Series Join Allison as she sings in the trailer, tells you how she really feels and drinks one beer. FREE !!! Streaming live from Tune in! Hello Friends - due to extreme heat conditions in the trailer (89 F, 31.6 C currently) I've decided to re-book myself for a much more temperate Sunday afternoon (calling for 23 C, 73.4 F), same time, same Face Place. When I booked myself for this a few weeks ago I didn't think we'd be looking at temps in the plus 30 (90) zone in early June here in deep Ontario south... so I won't hit you during 'work from home' hours, so bring your phones and i-pads out to your patios Sunday afternoon for all originals and me telling you the real stories behind each song!! Aiming for over 100 views to be eligible for SOCAN's "Encore" program for online performances!